How to Draw a Cheeseburger Poster

Introduction: How to Draw a Cheeseburger Poster

About: Hi my name is Troy.

I have a wall with some posters that I drew but I wanted the wall to be filled so I made this Instructable for one of the ones I made I hope you enjoy!


the supplies are simple:

  • colored pencils ( mostly green, gold, yellow, red and a brown with a lighter brown and black.)
  • paper
  • pencil
  • box letter skills
  • shading skills

Step 1: The Line and the Top of the Bun.

First you need to draw a light line that you can erase about four inches from the top and in the space above draw an oval shape with the curves near the bottom.

Step 2: Next Line With Pickles

Now draw a line about two inches from the first line and inside the lines follow the steps in the second picture above. Also you should do about two to three pickles and have some going diagonal to add effect.

Step 3: Third Line and Lettuce

So for the third line make about the same amount of space as the pickle line.To draw the lettuce look at the second picture above.

Step 4: Fourth Line and Tomatoes

So make another line the same size the to make the tomatoes you draw a thin oval the underneath at the curves draw two small lines sticking out the connect them with a curved line. after that on the inside you draw upside down hearts at the bottom and at the top right side up hearts.

Step 5: Fith Line and the Cheese.

So make another line that would fit another top bun but inside there will be cheese. Again you follow the steps on the second picture above.

Step 6: Sixth Line and the Burger

For the burger draw a line about three inches from the cheese. And draw a burger shape in the second picture then draw a bunch of bumps as shown in the third picture.

Step 7: Bottom Bun and Erasing

For the bottom part of the bun draw a long thin oval and inside draw a bunch of dots as shown. Then erase all of the lines.

Step 8: Coloring Part One: the Bun

Before you begin draw little sesame seeds all over the top bun as shown in the first picture.

Now with your golden pencil lightly draw the whole bun dodging the the little sesame seeds. Then for the sesame seeds shade from dark to light with the gold pencil.

Step 9: Coloring Part 2: PICKLES!

So for the pickles for the wavy part fade in and out with the darker green as shown in the first picture. Then on the inside color light green but dodge the seeds. After that color the seeds in yellow.

Step 10: Coloring Part 3: Lettuce

For the lettuce it's simple, color the veins of the lettuce light green then color the rest dark green, and the little bumps draw a little harder.

Step 11: Coloring Part 4: Tomatoes

Color it all red, but the inside of the hearts lighter red and the seeds yellow.

Step 12: Coloring Part 5: Cheese

So for the cheese it's kind of hard to explain, so I suggest just looking at the picture above.

Step 13: Coloring Part 6: Burger

For the burger, color hard on the bumps with the dark brown. Then under the bumps with the light brown. Then fill in the rest with dark brown.

Step 14: Final Step: the Other Bun and the Words (optional)

For the bun it's simple just shade from the bottom to the to with gold. Then draw block letters saying CHEESEBURGER in any color you want.

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Tip 2 years ago

color the pickles all yellow afterwards