Introduction: How to Draw a Cute Easter Bunny!

With Easter coming around the corner, it's time to bring out the pastel colors and decor, craft your own Easter eggs, baskets and of course CANDY! But what would Easter be without the iconic Mr. E. Aster Bunny! (No, that name is not inspired by Rise of The Guardians Mr. E. Aster Bunnymund... ok maybe a little (-.-;)).

Today, I was inspired to draw out a cute little Easter bunny ready to pass around his eggs! Hopefully this will also get you motivated to create your own little fluffly bunny to put on cards, a shirt, or whatever else!

Let's get started shall we?

Step 1: Materials!

Well, this shouldn't be too hard. Honestly you can find this stuff around your house:

Paper (I just use printer paper - it's good for sketches!)

Pencil(or pen if you dare...) and if needed,

an eraser.

I'm using a red pencil because, 1) it's a fun color, 2) it's easier to draw over with darker colors such as graphite pencil or dark inks, and 3) because I CAN!

Yup that's it... Onward we go!

Step 2: Basic Shapes

As an artist, the most basic way to start something is to lay it out in basic shapes. This way we don't get blocked up with all the details and become frustrated!

The classic circle is always a great "step 1" when making a head! So draw yourself a medium sized circle located closer to the top of the paper - we need the room for the body so keep that in mind!

Don't worry if your circle is not perfect, heck mine isn't, but if it truly does bother you (cough-*OCD*- cough- *perfectionist* -cough!) there are handy tools to use. The obvious would be any smallish cylinder-like container (cans, bottles, etc.) to trace or use a circle guide-thingy...template --> this thing.

Step 3: Lions, Tigers, and Bears - Oh...wait What?

I mean... Eyes, Ears, and Nose - Oh My!

To make sure everything is going to lay in the right place, I cross two lines in the head circle (creating a cross - wow so genius!) this helps to balance the face details once we get to them. It's not exactly in the center, because my bunnies head is turned just slightly as a 3/4 view.

Add two ears - Two slightly curved lines on top of head circle. You can change the curve of the line to how you want it; droopy ears, straight ears, flopped over ears - whatever - have fun!

I drew a circle right under the horizontal line fairly in the center of the head circle to represent the snout of the bunny.

Add two eyes - Place these eyes along the horizontal line or slightly above like I did, I think having them further apart gives it a cute derppy look to it and I like it :)

Add a nose - looks like a "Y" in the center of face (note how I drew it right on the vertical line within the center circle).

Step 4: Finish the Body

Drawing the main body is pretty easy, think of drawing a triangle but instead of having sharp points, round 'em out!

Tail is pretty similar, except you're making a semi-circle (half-circle).

Ok, now don't freak out that the bunny now has limbs! They are still basic shapes. Look closely; the legs, feet and arms are ovals (or ellipses, whatever) for the basic shapes. The bent arm looks kinda like a boomerang and the ears honestly look like bananas...anyone else see that or is it only me?

Step 5: Bring on the Detail!


Bunny's need fur, otherwise they look like scrawny, creepy, naked mole-rats. Not cute - at all.

Drawing fur requires many squiggly lines looking like curved continuous "W"s. It helps to break up the continuous 'w' squiggles with a few straight/curved lines. You can also do what I did for the tail, completely detached strokes that "sunburst" out looking like fluff! For reference, drawing the curves towards the ground emphasizes the idea of gravity or weightiness. Animal fur (and human hair) naturally tends to flow/grow in one direction on the body - so that can help with the realness.

Bunnies have that chest puff, which in this drawing helps balance the concept of cute fluffy bunny, and I drew in a few lines on the feet and hands (paws?) to separate the finger digits to add a bit of realism.

Also don't forget the whiskers, buck-teeth and the upside-down 'v' for the mouth!

Step 6: Looking Good!

Ok, we have a really good looking E. Aster Bunny!

But what's an Easter Bunny without some Spring flowers and Egg baskets?

*These are optional parts, you can stop with the bunny and finish the last paw, but if you want to see the finished product, please continue!*

Drawing a flower in steps:

1) Stem = curved line

2) Leaves = ovals with points

3) circle for center bud

4) Petals = tear-drop shaped or however you want it (heart, fat circles; Google them!)

5) Grass for the ground = same technique used to make bunny fur

Drawing a Basket:

1) rectangular body with rounded points and edges

2) "C" shaped handle

3) Eggs = eggs-aggerated "C" shapes (yeah, I just went there...)

4) Add the detail = get creative!

Step 7: Now to Finish It Off!

Last step is to add the egg Mr. E. Aster is holding and your bunny will be done!

Draw an egg like oval shape and finish off the paw fingers - we only need the thumb since we can't see the others behind the egg. Begin sketching out the egg details and design and voila!

Step 8: Egg Detail

When decorating the egg details ... wait...

That...that egg doesn't look like an egg. What's with that shape? Oh. Oh no.

Step 9: Um.


Hold on! Ok, that's not what I meant to draw! Um...

Step 10: ...o.o...

..... E. Aster....Bunny?

Step 11: Whoa!

Ok, this is getting a bit out of hand now! I swear I'm not doing this!

...I think the Easter Bunny Spirit is hijacking my drawing!

Ok, wait! Please! I didn't do anything wrong!

Step 12: Please!

Stop! I didn't do anything!

There's no need to get angry!

Ok! Ok, I may have ate all the Easter candy early....and my brother's too....ummm...

Step 13: ...

Wait! Wait Please! PLEASE WAIT!! STOP!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............................................................

Step 14: ...


Step 15: ...

"HAPPY MOTHERF***ING EASTER B****!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!" - Mr. E. Aster Bunny