Introduction: How to Draw a Cute Girl

I was searching for some inspiration for my third instructable, when I suddenly remembered a girl I drew a few years ago. I found my old drawing and decided to upgrade it. I changed her hair a little, and changed the skirt. I think she turned out pretty ))).Anyway, Let's Get Started!!!

Step 1: The Head and the Face

First, draw a head. It looks a little like a rectangle. Then, draw the eyes and the neck. (I know the head looks weird, but it gets better!)

Draw a star in each eye (to look cuter!) and two spots, they're gonna stay white. Draw a mouth and a nose.

Step 2: The Hair and the Body

Next, it's time to make her cuter by adding some bangs! Draw a thick line over the eyes. Then, draw some triangles and erase the lines under the triangles. Make a sketch of the body and the skirt.

Step 3: The Outfit

Now, it's time to decorate her outfit! Draw a shirt like in the picture and draw some buttons, too. Make a cute bow on her head...

Step 4: How to Draw the Hair

I draw the rest of the hair after the outfit, so it doesn't get in the way. I draw parallel stripes first, and then connect them to make the hair.

Step 5: Start Coloring!

First, I finish the sketch by adding stripes to the skirt, and then get coloring! I color the left side magenta and the right side pink.Make them lighter towards the middle and try to mix them. Color the rest of the hair too.

Step 6: Final Steps

Color the skirt (don't forget to make a pattern, otherwise it'll look terrible). Color the shirt (blue or gray, doesn't matter) and the bow.

Step 7: Finished!

Just color in the whole face and hands with "Blush", and your masterpiece is complete!

Thanks for watching, and if you like it, please check out my other instructables and vote for me in two contests I entered))). If you like the way I draw, you can check out my YouTube channel- Draw_Creative, I have over 40 videos there and I'm sure you'll like them.