Introduction: How to Draw a Cute Robot

Do you want to draw a cute robot? Then, you chose the right project!

Let's begin!


  1. Post It
  2. Pencil

Step 1: Drawing

  1. Our first thing to do is to get your Post It.
  2. Draw a curved square like in the first photo.
  3. For the eyes, draw a curve on the top, bottom, and sides– you can look at the 2nd photo to see what I mean.
  4. Then draw a curved rectangle for the body.
  5. And draw a smiley face like in the 3rd photo.
  6. Then, instead of legs you draw wheels. Draw hands like in the 4th photo.
  7. Now you are done the drawing. Hurray!

Step 2: Finished

Did you like the project? If so, comment below! Have fun. Bye!

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