Introduction: How to Draw a Dove Under 2 Minutes

Always wanted to draw a magnificent dove but didn't know where to start? In this quick Instructable you'll learn how to do just that in an easy and simple way.

lets get started !


- paper

-Sharpie, or any other marking ink you'd like

Step 1: the Wings of the Dove

  • place your hand on the paper as shown in this picture 1

keep your fingers close together and leave a bit of a gap between your thumb and the rest of the fingers. track your hand with the Sharpie. you can be a bit loose around the edges to maintain a smooth figure- no need to track your fingers perfectly.

  • once done lift your hand and extend the lines of your fingers into the hand a bit like shown in picture 2

  • finally, add these two little bumps between the thumb and your fingers as shown in picture 3

Step 2: Making the Base and Tail of the Dove

  • from the middle point of your thumb draw the line shown in picture 4 - go up a little bit in a circular motion then down and towards your pinkie.

  • Then from the end of your pinkie draw the tailfeathers like shown in picture 5

  • add a beak as shown in picture 6

Step 3: Legs, Eyes, Color

  • draw a circle like shown in picture 7.

  • inside that circle draw a filled little circle that is touching the upper section of the previous circle as shown in picture 8
  • add 2 little legs (just one line and 2-3 little lines attached at the end) as shown in picture 9

  • add light colors at the beak, under the eye and along the black lines of your dove as shown in picture 10.
  • Hang at a Museum near you because you are now a certified painter! :)