How to Draw a Dragon




Introduction: How to Draw a Dragon

Hi! You wanna take out your dragon know-it-all and put it on paper, don't you? Why else would you have came here? To do it, all you need is a pencil, paper, and eraser!

Step 1: Main Body

First draw 2 long squiggly lines parallel to make the body. Then on one end connect the two lines to make a tail.

Step 2: Head

Make an egg shape for the mouth. If you want to leave it open than make an oval shape and make a triangle inside. Erase the extra line. (That's why ya need an eraser!)

Step 3: Legs/Claws

For the legs, draw 2 short lines, then make another set like that in a different direction. Then make a little oval for the foot with tiny legs sticking out for claws.

Step 4: The Tricky Wings

Make one line up from about the middle of the body, then make at least 3 lines sticking out of it. Then connect it with lines a little bit curved. It is a hard step, so consider copying the example until you get it.

Step 5: Details

Now you finished the template, but it just doesn't have that WOW in it. So this is the fun part: adding the details! You can make eyes, a few scales, a fish tail, and well, just DO IT!!!

Step 6: COLOR!!!

The best part is now... THE COLORING! You can color it according to what type of dragon you want. If you want to make it in the sky, color the background blue. If it is a sketch, keep it blank. if it is on land, make it brown, green, gray, or something else.

Coloring guide:

  1. Fire - Orange, red

  2. water - blue

  3. grass/land - green, brown

YAY! Your dragon looks great! Keep practicing to become a dragon master!

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