Introduction: How to Draw a Face!

-A sheet of blank paper or sketchbook paper would be preferred.

-A pencil. It can be mechanical or standard.

-an eraser. The pencil eraser is just fine if you dont have a separate eraser

Step 1: Draw a Circle With Dots

Draw a circle. It does not have to be perfect. Then draw a dot on the right, left and bottom of the circle like the picture above.

Step 2: Connect the Dots

Now draw lines to connect all the dots like the photo above. Make sure you curve the lines to show that the face has a jawline and a chin.

Step 3: Time to Draw Guidelines for the Facial Features!

Use the dots as guides. Draw a parallel lines from dot to dot horizontally. These lines will tell you where to draw the eyebrows. Try to make sure your lines are as straight as possible.

Then below it draw a line indicating where your eyes will be. Do this with the nose and lips. The proportion sizes of the the features depend on you. Your sizes will show how realistic your face will look.

If you have to label where the features have to be then do so. Use my picture as a reference.

Step 4: First Facial Feature...EYEBROWS!

Also draw a line in the middle. This will be a guide to make both sides as symmetrical as possible.

You have to figure out where you want to put your eyebrows. This all depends on how you want your face to look.

To draw eyebrows, draw a rectangle. How thin you make the rectangle will determine how thin the eyebrows. Many eyebrows have tails at the end of them. To draw the tail, draw a right triangle at the end of the rectangle.

Follow photo for reference. Remember to take your time.

Step 5: Now the Eyes!

Its like drawing an almond or thinner lemon. Try drawing parenthesis horizontally, instead of vertically and connecting them.

Then to draw the irises of the eye, you draw a half circle on the top of the eye.

Follow picture for reference! Take your time. You got this!

Step 6: The Nose.. My Favorite Part!

To draw the nose, it requires 3 circles all next to each other. The middle circle is the biggest and the circles on the sides are the same size. Once you position the circles where you want it, draw the nostrils in the crevasses of where the circles between the big circle and the small circles at the bottom.

If you want, practice on a separate sheet of paper. Many people find the nose the most difficult. Once you got it down, find a place where you want it on the face.

Follow the photo for reference!

Step 7: Finally...The Lips!

The lips will also be made out of circle. 2 circles below the nose. Below the 2 circle, place one between and below the two circles. Then place a dot on both sides of the mouth like I did in the photo. Connect the dots to make the outline of the lines. Then use the circles to outline the inner part of the lip. Follow the circle to collect the dots.

Step 8: Erase Lines, Retouch and Then Your Done!

Now erase all your guidelines. Retouch lines where needed. Then you are all done!

Step 9: