Introduction: How to Draw a House in 2-Point Perspective

About: Engineering Student at Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

As an engineering and art student I spend a lot of my time learning skills that could benefit me in both classes.

In this Instructable I will be showing you guys how to draw a house in 2-point perspective because it builds the foundation needed to support your time in the field of art and engineering. And it's fun!

Step 1: Setting Up Your Drawing

Using a straight edge or ruler to draw a horizon line (HL). Label TWO vanishing points (VP) on your horizon line. The horizon line is line that represents the viewer’s eye level. The vanishing point is a point on the horizon line where lines that are parallel to the viewer’s line of sight appear to meet. Make sure to not place the points too close together (they can even be off the page) in order to avoid a distorted image.

Step 2: Starting the House

Draw a vertical line anywhere between both VPs BUT below the HL. This line is the closest vertical edge of the house.

Step 3: Starting the House

From this line, draw lines from the TOP and BOTTOM of the line to both VPs. These lines are called orthogonal lines.

Step 4: Establish How Big the House Will Be

Establish where each of the viewable sides of the house will end in space. Do this by drawing vertical lines between the orthogonal lines, essentially connecting two sets of receding lines.

Step 5: Draw the Back Corner of the House

From the tops of the newly drawn vertical edges, draw lines to the opposite vanishing point. Then the same thing for the bottom. The point at which the lines intersect becomes the back corners of the house.

Step 6: Adding the Roof

Find the center of one wall by drawing an “X” in it from corner to corner. From the center of the X, draw a vertical line as high as you would like the peak to go. Then draw a line toward the opposite VP. Connect the peaks to the top two corners. Then make a line parallel to the outside edge of the roof where the back corner of the house is. Or create an overhang by ending the roof a little lower than the two corners.

Step 7: Erase Extra Lines

Erase the extra orthogonal lines, leaving only the house.

Step 8: Add Details Following Perspective Rules

Using the perspective rules, add details like windows, doors, trees, or fences.

Step 9: Add Color!