Introduction: How to Draw a Rabbit (FOR KIDS!) ♡

Hey kids!

Do you like to draw? Or want to be an artist one day?

Well, you came to the right place! I will teach you how to draw a very cute rabbit!

Don't be scared to try, it will be fun to draw!

What you need:

-A Piece of Paper

-A pencil or crayon

Step 1: Draw a Circle

The first thing we need to do is to draw a circle!

Try your best! If you don't like the circle you made, you can try again~

I'm sure it looks very good!

Step 2: Draw Ears~

Now, we have to add some ears for the rabbit! ^v^

To make them, let's draw two long triangles on top of the circle.

Once we make them, we can draw two more triangles inside of the other triangles!
It looks very cute, don't you think?

Step 3: Add Some Eyes!

Now let's draw some eyes for our rabbit!

To do this, draw to dots in the middle of the circle

And perfect!

Step 4: Let's Draw the Nose and Mouth!

We're almost done!

Let's draw the nose first! Draw a small triangle in the middle of the circle for the nose!

Do you like it so far? I bet it looks great!

Now, let's draw the mouth! Draw a small line down the nose, then draw a cute little smiling face for the rabbit~

Step 5: Let's Draw the Mouth! (Part 2)

To finish the mouth, let's draw another triangle!

If you want to draw a tongue, draw a curve line inside the trangle

Step 6: And We're Done!

Color your rabbit anyway you want! You drew your own rabbit!