Introduction: How to Draw a Realistic Eye

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This tutorial will give you a rough outline on how to draw a realistic eye. Please let me know if you liked it and/or made it below. Hope it helps.


HB pencil

2B pencil

4B pencil

6B pencil (optional)

8B pencil

rubber w/ fine point

shading stump (thin and fat one)

Step 1: Pupil + Outline

Sketch the outline very lightly with the HB.Colour the pupil in with the 4B.

Step 2: First Detail

Next, draw some thin lines from the pupil to about a third of the way into the iris, with some longer than others. do the same from the outside of the iris.

Step 3: More Detail

Use the thin blending stump to lightly shade the lines u have just drawn

Step 4: More Detail

Go over the lines again, this time drawing them slightly darker, with your 2B. Coming in from the outside of the iris, draw short, stubby lines to darken it.

Step 5: Detail...

Use the thin blending stump to go over the iris

Step 6: Iris Detail...

Go over the iris again, this time adding more and more thin lines to darken the outside of the iris, while doing a similar thing to the inside of the iris - but remember to keep some lines short, some long.

Step 7: Final Iris

This time, draw a very thin and hardly noticeable line around the inner ring of dark lines, making sure it goes up and down to look better (hard to explain, refer to image).

Step 8: Shading

In this step, lightly shade the interior of the eye (white part), keeping it darker around the edges, lighter in the middle with the fat stump, and go over the lines you sketched earlier to make the shape of the eye with the 2B.

Step 9: Shading #2

With using the fat and thin stumps, shade above the top eyelid 'crease' line, darker just below it - lighter near the eyebrow. Soften the lines the border the eye with the thin stump, and darken the shading inside the eye. Below the eye, use the same tactic for above, but flipped, and don't go down so far.

Step 10: Eyebrow #1

For the eyebrow, lightly draw lines inside the border which slope back as it continues further down with the HB.

Step 11: Eyebrows #2

Now get the fat blending stump and run over the eyebrow, then draw some heavier lines with the 2B, and go over it again, then use the fat blending stump over the eyebrow again.

Step 12: Eye Lashes

To do the eyelashes, draw about 6-8 acros the top evenly spaced apart. Make sure that they stop around the section 1/4 down the forward slope. do the same along the bottom. then draw some lighter lines which are shorter and go across slightly more of the top and bottom. Then get a 2B and draw more heavier and longer ones - some of which go at slightly different angles, to look natural.

Step 13: Finishing Touches

To finish up, look at it from a distance and assess whether any more shading in and around the eye needs to be done, etc. I lengthened the eyelashes and made them more frequent, sharpened up the pupil more, darkned the pupil and gave the iris more contrast and clarity, brightened the pupil's highlight (with the fine pointed rubber here, lightly dab the highlight and some sections of the iris, to lighten up the centre of the eye - which brightens the highlight, and gives the iris some more contrast), added more shading above and below the eye and darkened the shading strip of the side of what would be the nose.

Enjoy your finished eye! :)

Step 14: Background

I am 14 so hope it is ok... :) hope this can help you in your eye drawing.