Introduction: How to Draw a Simple Fashion Illustration

About: I am an African from Nigeria. I do art and paint but mostly I create fashion illustrations. I am 16 years old.

Today I will be showing how to draw a very simple croquis for a fashion illustration. If you have any other requests please message me.

Step 1: The Head

I start my head with an irregular heptagon. I know the most used shape is the circle but I found that using this heptagon was a lot more easier.

Step 2: Starting the Body

Then I draw a simple neck and then draw four lines. Extend the first line immediately after the neck. This will help to draw shoulders. The next line will serve as the length of the torso. The 3rd line is the length of the hips to the knees, and the last is around where your model should end. You can change the length depending on the body type and proportion you want to draw

Step 3: The Torso

Next extend the waist line depending on how wide your croquis hips are. They should be about the same size as the shoulders. Then cross the lines over.

Step 4: The Body

Now fill in the flesh( because humans don't have waists that thin) and draw the legs. The midpoint of your cross over lines should give you a hint about the middle of the thighs. ( Remember if your model is walking, the leading leg makes its corresponding thigh higher).

Step 5: Cleaning

Now the the fingers and define the face. If you have a lot of experience with drawing appendages, then you can draw fingers and style them in anyway you like. If you don't, for now you should probably stick to the classic behind body fingers and practice drawing hands on a piece of paper.

Step 6: Inking

When you're done cleaning up your sketch, you can trace it with a waterproof ink pen so it can stand out, or you can decide to skip this step. It is very important to use a waterproof pen if you want a flawless drawing. If you zoom in the finished illustration, you can see a bit of over flowing ink around the mouth because I didn't use a waterproof ink. If it's not available to you, you can use a simple black market or pen but be very careful so you don't ruin your hard work like me lol. If you can draw faces, fill it in but if you can't, you can leave the face blank while you learn. For the colouring I used some cheap watercolour markers. They're nowhere as good as copic markers but they are not too bad and are affordable. For the skin, staedtler noris club pencils.