Introduction: How to Draw a Sword

You will need:

  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • marker

Step 1: The Blade

First you want to draw the blade. Start with a little bit of a incline and after about four inches bring the sides to a point. Then draw a line down the middle so it looks like it's sharpened.

Step 2:

Draw the hilt try to draw a circle but don't draw over the blade make it look like the hilt is coming from behind the blade. Feel free to draw any designs on it but keep it some what simple so it doesn't take away from the rest of the sword.

Step 3: The Handle.

*Draw a big rectangle starting at the bottom of the hilt. Draw a line down the middle just like we did with the blade. Start to put x's on the blank parts until you reach the end repeat for the other side. * Make the handle smaller than the blade.

Step 4: Make It Unique!

*This step is optional.*

Now you can make the sword look battle worn by putting 'dents' in the blade or other things.

Step 5: Trace the Sword.

Now you need to trace the outline with sharpie or any black marker.