How to Draw a Unicorn

Introduction: How to Draw a Unicorn

Step by step tutorial on how to draw a unicorn.

Step 1: Head

Draw a dot for the eye. Add the line for the face a little bit above the eye.

Step 2: Mouth/jaw

Continue the first line by curving it into the nose. Add a straight line and add the jaw. Add the nose and mouth.

Step 3: Chest and Neck

Make the horn. Create a curved line to create the neck where the hair will be. Draw another curved line(to make the chest) in the middle of the jaw.

Step 4: First Leg

Make a sideways l shape to start the leg. Make a knee and connect it to the lower part of the leg. Make an ankle and add a straight line to it. Curve it back and your hoof is done! Create the rest of the leg as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Second Leg

Add the second front leg using the same steps as shown in step four.

Step 6: Stomach and Back

Add the unicorn's back and stomach using the picture provided.

Step 7: Back Legs

Add the back legs using the leg/hoof guide in step four. Use the picture to help you.

Step 8: Hair and Tail/touch Ups

Add the hair and tail. Make sure to draw a rough outline first and then fill it in. Make touch ups if needed.

Step 9: Final Steps!

Color it,name it, sign it and you're done! Make sure to post your drawing in the comments so I can see how amazing you did! ?

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    5 years ago

    Thanks! Sorry it took so long to reply, I wasn't expecting any comments on my first one.


    5 years ago

    Wonderful drawing! Keep up the great work!