Introduction: How to Draw an Advanced Dog

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For this project, you will need a tortillon, four different pencils of hardness and softness, a mechanical pencil for the sketch, and an eraser.

Step 1: Draw a Simple Sketch

I usually use a mechanical pencil for this step, because they erase easily, or can be disgusted by blending later on.

Step 2: Color in the Nose and Paw Pads. Then Blend

For this step you can use a 2B pencil or a 6B pencil. A tortillon will be needed.

Step 3: Blend the Dark Spots of the Dog. Add Some Details to the Ears.

Details in the ears are very important. They show off their delicateness and texture.

Step 4: Blend the Rest of the Dog. Then You Are Finished

Congratulations! You made your own advanced dog drawing!