How to Draw an Advanced Horse

Introduction: How to Draw an Advanced Horse

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For this project you will need a tortillon, four different pencils of hardness and softness, a mechanical pencil, and an eraser.

Step 1: Draw a Simple Sketch and Color in the Bridle and Reins.

For this step a simple HB pencil will be needed.

Step 2: Blend the Bridle and Reins With a Tortillon

Never hold your tortillon upright, as this will cause it to break.

Step 3: Color in the Mane and Tail, and Blend

When blending the mane and tail, it may make the lines that represent the tail look invisible. If needed, draw some more.

Step 4: Blend the Dark Parts of the Horse With a Tortillon

For this step, a dirty or old tortillon will work best. It will make the muscles stand out more.

Step 5: Blend the Rest of the Horse. Then You Are Finished

Congratulations! You made your own advanced horse drawing!

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Artwork by the horse

If anybody tells me what their favorite animal is I can make a tutorial on how to draw it. :)


2 years ago

Nice drawing. Thanks for showing how you did it. You make it look easy. :)