Introduction: How to Draw an Extremely Mediocre Mickey Mouse

Ever wanted to draw an extremely mediocre Mickey Mouse?! if so, this is the place for you! grab a piece of paper and a pencil and LET'S GO!

Step 1: The Head Outline

in this step we just want to draw the outline of the head. little circle for the nose, and a big smile on Mickey's face!

Step 2: Fill the Eyes

We add the eyes and his inner face outline. Mickey is standing on his side so obviously we want him to look to the other side.

Step 3: The Belly and the Hands

This is a crucial step! you have to make his stomach a bit round, otherwise you will not get a cute Mickey mouse. One of his hands are hidden so we have less place to ruin our mediocre drawing.

Step 4: Finale Step! Add the Legs and a Tail

The easiest step so far! add the pants, legs and tail and there you have it! your mediocre Mickey mouse! don't worry if it turns out a bit different than my drawing. in this inscrutable there is no right or wrong, just your very basic mediocre drawing!