Introduction: How to Draw an Old Man's Face in Two Point Perspective

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Today we are going to draw an old man's face. Let's start with a rectangle in perspective. That's right, we should start with curving in some basic shapes and then to make the face from that. We should put down the horizon line with two vanishing points. Draw some simple shapes. The reason why we have to hit the vanishing points is to create the structure in perspective. One might ask - why do we want to draw the old man's face in perspective? The answer is very simple -- we don't always want to have some flat drawings. Perspective will definitely give some volume to the drawing.

After we are done with the basic shapes will start subdividing them and start drawing curved lines; in order to do that we will have to dissect the corners so that the lines meet in the center. Dissect as many corners as you can because it will make your life easier as soon as you start free hand the curved lines.

Use your rough lose pencil to start carving shapes in. It will help us to understand what we actually want to achieve.

Now we are ready to start drawing the chin. Go around and see what you can do with the drawing. As soon as it is done we can start drawing an eye and eyebrow. The distance between both eyes is of the size of an eye. Keep moving on with the nose.
Start mapping things out like hair and shape of the head. Keep it lose and rough.

Draw the mouth by marking where it is going to be.

Let's take another pencil and over exaggerate the iris of the eye because whenever you look at a photograph you will always see a dot of the iris in the eye.