Introduction: How to Draw by Roasters Inc.

About: I love drawing, especially creepy or spooky things!

8 easy steps on how to draw a collage for a book, movie or game!

(This tutorial is based off the book, 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.'

Step 1: Gather and Organize Art Supplies

I would advise placing the pencils together, the pens together and the eraser/pencil sharpener together, in small piles.

Step 2: Sketch Out the Initial Base of Drawing

This is not supposed to look good yet, don't worry if it looks totally out of proportion or just flat out weird. This is only what you are basing your drawing off of. Since this is a collage, organize the main character and other main points from the book/movie/game.

Step 3: Work on Proportions

Draw lines if you need to see the center of a face, or need to position a torso in a certain way. Go crazy with the lines if needed. Whatever works to make the proportions look less crazy, unless that's what you're going for.

Step 4: Work on Details

Once the base is done, work (I'd recommend bottom up) on details, such as the eyes, hair, accessories or patterns.

Step 5: Work on Even Smaller Details

Once you're done with step 4, go and add smaller details, such as an unruly tuft of hair, freckles, ect.

Step 6: Darken Important Lines, or Outline

This is personal preference, but either outline the drawing with pens or darken the lines with pencil.

Step 7: Color

Get the colored pencils and start coloring. Use multiple pencils to get certain colors and have a piece of scratch paper nearby to test pencils out on, to make sure they're the right color.

Step 8: Done!

The finished product of your work. Enjoy your hard work.