Introduction: How to Draw the Best Zentangle Geometric Design for Beginners


In this tutorial i will show you how to make Beautiful Zentangle Geometric Design :)

Watch & Learn.

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Step 1: Lets Start

Well to initiate i made a vertical line and made dots after every 1 cm.

Step 2: Layout Is Done

After making a vertical line,

Its time to make a horizontal line now from the point where the vertical line is cut in to half.

now draw a horizontal line with the same length as of the vertical line to make it look like a plus sign.

Step 3: Its Time for the First Section.

Well now as your layout is done.

we will start covering the first section of this geometric design.

In this we will take the outer most point of the horizontal line to connect with the inner most point of the vertical line.

and then moving forward with the same pattern as shown in the video.

Use the video for reference.

Step 4: Completed First Section

Well after connecting all the lines as told in the previous step.

The first section after completion looks like this.

Step 5: Section 2

Well i am showing you the completed second section.

In this section we will just connect the outer most point of the vertical line to the inner most point of the horizontal line. and going with the same pattern to connect the points and complete the section 2.

Step 6: Section 3

Now you know the pattern to follow, and connect the points.

In this its outer most horizontal line to inner most of the vertical line & so on.

Step 7: All Sections Are DONE!!!

finally the Zentangle Geometric Design is ready. now you can color this art piece as per your taste to make it look even beautiful.

Step 8: Coloring the Section

When it comes to coloring i chose a black marker only and fill it alternatively in the section.

Step 9: Its Just About to Get Finished

So this how it looks after coloring 3 sections out of 4.

you can use any other color if you wish to.

Step 10: And We Are DONE!!! Subscribe to My Youtube for More.

by coloring in alternate boxes in each section.

finally we are done with the Zentangle Geometric Design Art

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