Introduction: How to Drill Clean Holes on an Edge

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Hey everyone!

Here's a (very) quick take on how to drill clean holes on a 90° edge without hassle and avoiding wood splitting.

All you need is some scrapwood and two clamps. Let's do it!

Step 1: Prepare Scrap Wood & Drill

We need two pieces of scrapwood, a straight one (A) and one onto which we cut an angle which will be the angle of our hole (B). (Refer to pictures above)

Once the angle alpha has been cut on B, a hole is drilled perpendicular to the face we just made.

The pieces are then clamped to the piece of wood as pictured and a hole is drilled in the angle. Easy peasy.

No splinting, no ripping, everything is easy and we can set this at the angle we want! That means we dont have to drill at 45° which opens up a world of possibilities.

Thanks for reading :)

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