Introduction: How to Drive Stick Shift

I will be doing my best in trying to explain how to drive a manual car.

Things to keep in mind:

- Leaning how to drive stick shift is a process so if you find yourself getting upset. just take some time to yourself and come back to it later but don't give up.

-become comfortable with the car you're learning with. figure out how the pedals operate.

-Its best to practice on flat ground.

-Also don't forget to engage and disengage the emergency brake before driving off and after parking your car.

Step 1: Start Your Engine

Start the car by pressing the clutch the far left pedal all the way in and then turn the key.

Step 2: Slide Into Gear

-Again Press the clutch into gear. As you do that you are now able to move the shifter freely to the left and up into first gear.

- This process is repeated for every gear but getting into first gear is the hardest as you are starting from a complete stop.

Step 3: Moving Along

-To start moving you will need to release the clutch slowly as you so simultaneously give the car gas but not too much.

-When you start to creep forward little by little the car is now in the friction zone which is the car's sweet spot. keep giving the car gas and letting off of the clutch at the same time as it moves forward. once you let the clutch fully out and proceed to move on you are now in first gear.

Step 4: Keep Moving

-Another thing to keep a eye on while changing gears and driving are the RPMs which is usually located on the left side of the dash. This indicates when to change gears I usually wait until 2000 rotation per minute(RPM) to shift. But this varies between different drivers and vehicles.

Step 5: Down Shifting

-Down shifting is the same as the normal shifting as you pull in the clutch and slide the shifter into gear. But when you down shift you will feel a jolt in the car of some sort don't worry its normal.

Step 6: Reverse

-To put my car in reverse you have to pull the lever up directly below the shift knob. Then proceed to pretend like you're putting the car into first gear and hopefully as you release the clutch and give it gas it begins to roll backwards.

Step 7: Stopping

-When coming to a complete stand still or a slight pause I find that it is best to pull the clutch in and put the car in neutral so that you can focus on braking.

-Also to confirm that the car is in neutral wiggle the shifter side to side if it fails to wiggle the car is still in gear.

Step 8: Strarting on Hills

-It requires the driver to pick up his/her pace when shifting to the next gear. Expect the car to start to roll backwards as this is completely natural for stick shifts.(But overall its the same process as a normal start just with a faster pace to it.)

Step 9: Parking on Hills

-some people take extra precautions when parking on a hill. Also other people may not have the luxury of learning on flat ground but when parking some drivers prefer to keep the car in gear and turn the wheel to the opposite side of curb.

Step 10: Golden Rule

-Last but not least no matter where you park on hill or flat ground always pull up the emergency brake. Located right next to the driver seat. something simple that should be as natural as starting your car.

Step 11: