Introduction: How to Dry Catnip

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Whether you want to save catnip for those cold winter months or your cat doesn't like the taste of raw catnip drying it is the way to go!


A Ziploc bag and a sun

Step 1: Pick Your Catnip!

Catnip will generally be a fuzzy plant with rounded edges on the leaves. Make sure you pick bigger leaves and let the smaller ones grow bigger and pick them later.

Step 2: Stinging Nettles

Make sure not to pick the plants that are smooth with spiky looking edges! They will leave an itchy rash if you touch them.

Step 3: Put the Catnip in the Bag.

Now place all of the catnip in the Ziploc bag and make sure to leaves a little crack in it so the moisture can escape while drying out. (You don't need the plastic bag but it helps to stop them from blowing away and from cats getting to them to early)!

Step 4: Find a HOT Place

Find a place that will heat up to high temps in the sun. You could use a glass plate, metal plates/sheet metal, or a car windshield. Putting it in one of these places will definitely speed up the drying prices by a few hours.

Step 5: Take the Bag Off and Store It!

After about five to seven hours it should be dried. (If it is not yet dry take the air out of the bag and heat it in the microwave for 15 second periods as to not burn the leaves). Once it's dried it should be brown and be crunchy. It would be best to store the leaves in a sealed jar.

Step 6: Give It to Your Cat!

My cat (chestnut for those that want to know) absolutely loves her catnip dried. :)

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