Introduction: How to Easily Remove Bike Pedals

Hey my name is Dominic and I would like to share this simple technique I learned to remove the pedals on my bike. I bought a new pair of bike pedals and assumed it would be an easy swap. However, I quickly learned that it was difficult to stabilize the bike and find a good overall grip to loosen them. This technique I found uses your foot and bike brake to provide you the stability needed to remove your pedal with ease.

Step 1: Materials

You will need an Allen Wrench or Hex Key that matches the size of your bike's pedals. This is usually a 6mm or 8mm Allen wrench. My pedals have 6mm sockets.

Step 2: Position Your Bike and Pedal

The first thing you need to do is to engage the bike's kick stand or use a wheel stand for the rear wheel. This will allow the bike to stand upright without assistance. Next, grab the left handlebar and pull it towards the bike seat and shown in the image above. Now, align the left bike pedal in the 9 o clock position for Step 3.

Step 3: Multi Step

To remove the left Pedal, Insert the short end of the Allen Wrench into the pedal and then:

Do these 3 things in the same action

1.Compressor your Left handlebar brake with your left hand to hold your bike your place

2.Place your Right foot on the face of the pedal and apply a downward force

3.Using your Right hand, Grab the long end of the Allen Wrench and pull upwards towards your body until you feel the Pedal thread give way and loosen.

Step 4: Remove Pedal

Now use the longer side of the Allen wrench and insert this into the pedal socket. Now, you just need to rotate the Allen wrench clockwise and the pedal will be off. Steps 2-4 can be repeated for the pedal on the right side as well, you just need to use the opposite direction mentioned in each step ("left" changes to "right", etc).