How to Easily Wrap Your Gift

Introduction: How to Easily Wrap Your Gift

You have beautiful present, but you don't know how to wrap it? This is the easiest way to do that...

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:


-Scotch tape (& coloured scotch tape)

-Tape/ribbon. I have satin and normal ribbon, so I'll use them. If you don't have ribbon, you can just stick your bow and leave it like that or you can use coloured scotch tape.

-Bow (You can also make it, but I think it's easier to buy one. They're really cheap)

-Wrapping paper

Step 2: Measure of the Present

Take your present (if it's in a box or it's something like book)
Leave space that's equal a half of your box/book at the both sides. Leave a little bit space up and down. Cut the overmeasure...

Step 3: Stick & Fold

Stick wrapping paper to the book/box with scotch tape. Than stick left side the same way. Stick scotch tape on more places, especially on the ending. Fold the end like on the picture. Then fold it again, so you have two triangles. Fold them in a half and, if there is need, fold it again in a half. Then stick it like on 7th picture.

Step 4: Finish Folding and Sticking Tapes.

Cut the overmeasure. Now you can fold it and stick it in the same way, but I decided to do it different. Fold the corners, so you get two trapezes. Fold them in a half if there's need and stick them (one on the other) with scotch tape. When you turn over, you get clear side without tapes. On this side goes bow if you don't haver or don't want to use the ribbon.

Step 5: The Ribbon and a Bow

It's always more beautiful when you have ribbon. Wrap it around the gift and cut the overmeasure. Stick it with scotch tape on the side where you can see tapes (so you have clear side where bow goes).
Do the same on the other side, but squeeze it through under the other ribbon. Now stick your bow and your gift is finished.

But what if I don't have a box or my present isn't a book? Then wrapping is different... Look that in the other steps ---->

Step 6: The Measures

I have stuffed animal. Put it on the wrapping paper and mark the measure of the animal and a half on the both side. See it on the pictures. Then cut the overmeasure.

Step 7: Folding & Sticking; Making the End

Find a half and fold both sides. Stick that with scotch tape. You can also do that with glue for the paper. Find a half and fold the end in a quarter. Open it and make two triangles. Fold them and stick them. I marked everything on the photos because I don't have good camera and you can't see the folds.

Step 8: Making the Bag

Fold the corners. I marked them in the pictures, so you can clearly see it. Then put your present into the bag. I don't know how to explain this part, but imagine that you have new paper bag. It is still unopened. When you open it, you set right the bottom. Only difference is that you have to fold again the corners. Now fold the overmeasure in zigzag. Take one longer piece of the tape and stick it on the center. Connect the ends and stick them with tape.

Step 9: Coloured Tape/ Ribbon/ Bow

You can now just stick a bow on the top and leave it like that. I will stick coloured tape (you can also use ribbon) because of the look.
I hope that I helped. I don't know English very well, because I still learn it, so if you have questions, I will try to answer them.

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