Introduction: How to Eat With Chopsticks

A step-by-step guide on how to properly hold and eat with chopsticks.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

These supplies can include (but are not limited to):

-A pair of clean chopsticks
-Test food to eat with

Note: It is recommended to have your sample food be a similar size and shape of a small wooden block.

Step 2: Hold the Chopstick in Your Writing (or Dominant) Hand

Allow the chopstick to lay on your ring finger.
Wrap the top portion of your middle finger around the chopstick.
Place your thumb onto the chopstick to give it added support.

Note: Your chopstick should feel sturdy and not easily moved around.

Step 3: Use Your Non-writing (or Non-dominant) Hand to Place the Other Chopstick Into Your Writing or Dominant Hand

The second chopstick should be placed between the thumb and forefinger or pointer finger.

Step 4: Hold the Chopstick Between Your Thumb and Forefinger (or Pointer Finger)

Get used to the feeling of holding the pair of chopsticks in one hand.

Note: The chopstick between your thumb and forefinger should not be held in place as the other chopstick is. You should be able to move this one in an up and down motion.

Step 5: Practice Moving the Top Chopstick Up and Down

As you keep the bottom chopstick firmly in place, begin pushing down with your forefinger (or pointer finger) to have the chopstick move downwards.
This is how you will clamp down on food.

To move the chopstick back up, relax your forefinger (or pointer finger).

Step 6: Practice Picking Up Your Food

Place your chopsticks around the food you intend to pick up.

Then repeat the motion you practiced in Step 5.

You want to get a good grip on your food.

Step 7: Slowly Carry Food Towards Your Mouth

Keep your hand as steady as possible as you bring the food you are now carrying towards your mouth.

WARNING:Do not try to squeeze the chopsticks together as you carry the food. This could cause the chopsticks to twist towards each other food to fly out from your chopsticks.

Step 8: Eat Your Sample Food

Once you have the sample food close to your mouth, eat the food you are holding in between your chopsticks.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 6 Through 8 Until All Food Has Been Consumed