How to Edit GoPro Videos on PC for Free

Introduction: How to Edit GoPro Videos on PC for Free

About: VSDC is a free video editing software for Windows PC

If you are a happy owner of a GoPro camera, sooner or later you'll start looking for a video editing software to compile all the recorded footage into a clip.

The GoPro team recommends two free programs that are proven to work well with the videos recorded on their action cameras.

Here are the programs GoPro team recommends you to use for video editing:

Both pieces of software open 4K, provide an impressive toolset, and allow you to save videos in high quality.

In this article, we'll talk about how to quickly edit a GoPro video on PC and make it look cinematic using VSDC Free Video Editor. If you're looking for alternative solutions, here is a roundup of few other video editors worth checking out.

Step 1: Import Your GoPro Video to VSDC

Before starting, save the videos from your GoPro camera on your PC and then import those you want to work with to VSDC Video Editor.

You can start a new project and then add video files on the go, but it's better if you use the Import Content button on the welcome screen - you'll see it when you open the program for the first time.

Step 2: Splice the Video and Leave the Best Parts

Once you import your GoPro footage to VSDC, use the cutting tool to choose the fragments you'd like to use for the clip. To split a video into parts, click on it on the timeline first, place the cursor exactly where you'd like to make a cut, and click on the scissors as shown on the screenshot.

Use the drag'n'drop motion to move the fragments on the timeline and remove those you don't need.

Step 3: Crop the Video If You Want to Change the Focus or Remove the Unwanted Area From the Scene

Sometimes the angle of your video appears wider than intended. Sometimes you just want to change the focus and only leave a particular area in the scene. You can do it by cropping the video and choosing a custom region you'd like to leave.

To do that, go to the upper menu and click on the cropping tool as shown on the screenshot. Then select the area you'd like to keep in the scene and press OK.

Step 4: Create an Amazing Slow Motion Effect

GoPro cameras are famous for capturing amazing moments of active time spending. And it's not surprising that slow motion is one of the most popular effects among people shooting on a GoPro. Of course, you might want to show some of the best moments caught by you in slow motion! And VSDC is a perfect tool for it.

Unlike many other editors, VSDC allows you to set the speed of your video ultra-precisely. You might not want to make the video twice slower, but 3 or even 2,7 times slower. And you can do it easily.

First, click on the video fragment you want to apply the slow-motion effect to. Then open the Properties window - it's a tab on the right side of the interface. Scroll down to Speed (%) and set any speed change you want. For example, changing the speed from 100 to 50 will make your video play exactly 2 times slower than the original. If you set 25 - you'll slow down the video by a factor of 4. So, you do the math.

To find the perfect setting, we recommend previewing the video to see if it looks the way you wanted to.

Step 5: Apply Color Filters

GoPro cameras are known for their great quality but sometimes your project might require a particular style.

In VSDC, you can apply color correction manually and tune contrast/saturation/gamma parameters. Or you can choose one of the quick Instagram-like filters available in the upper menu of the program.

Step 6: Add a Title

Titles are essential, especially if you're going to publish your clip on social media where most people watch videos without sound.

To add a stylish half-transparent or a contoured title, click on the "Add object" button and choose "Text". A built-in text editor will open in the upper part of the program and you'll be able to change the font, the size and the appearance of the text.

Step 7: Create Transitions

You can apply transitions to each element of your video - be it a new scene or the title text. We recommend using the same transition style throughout the entire video to keep consistency.

For example, if you want the title to fade out after a certain amount of time, click on the text object, then go to Video Effects, proceed to Transitions and choose Fade FX.

Remember: you'll need to click on each object on the timeline before you apply a transition to it.

Step 8: Export Your Video in a Great Quality

The video export menu in VSDC is very intuitive. It provides you with pre-configured settings based on where your video will be watched.

For example, if you're planning to publish it on Facebook, choose Web in the left-side menu, and then click on the "Facebook" icon. The program will automatically save your video with the parameters that are perfect for this particular social media channel.

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