Introduction: How to Edit a Photograph

In this presentation,we will learn how to properly edit a photograph.

Step 1: Take the Photgraph

The first step in editing a photograph is to of course,take the photograph in the first place.This step is considerably self explanatory,but you want to make sure that the photograph is in a somewhat good quality and that you have selected a photograph that is pleasing to you in the first place.

Step 2: Make the Picture Clear

The next step is to make the picture clear,this means to select a photograph that is clear and free of any blurred areas.Pictures that are unclear can be avoided by taking multiple pictures and choosing one that is clear or making sure that when you take the picture that the camera is steady and unblocked by any obstacles.

Step 3: Choose a Filter

Filters can be added to enhance a photographs beauty,these filters are specific and can range from vibrant colors to having colors with blacks,grays,and whites. Choosing a filter before editing light,contrast,and color is important because it may affect the way the filter is presented.

Step 4: Adjust Lighting,Contrast,and Color.

Adjusting lighting,contrast,and color are essential to creating a good photograph.Editing lighting or saturation can affect the amount of shadow and light that we see.Editing color can control how vibrant or dull certain colors are.Contrast affect how different or similar the colors are,like the difference between white and gray,or the similarity between baby blue and light blue.Selecting these options greatly affects your photograph.

Step 5: Adjust the Frame

Adjusting the frame of the picture means to adjust the length and width of the picture.You can also crop out(or get rid of)unwanted portions of the picture.By doing this,this can fix issues like getting rid of any unwanted material or unclear areas of your photograph.

Step 6: Use Your Photograph

You may now use the photo any way that you like,all because you properly edited a photograph.