Introduction: How to Edit a Video on Adobe Premiere

Hello, this Instructable will instruct you on how to edit a video in Adobe Premiere. Here is what you will need.

1. A computer

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

3. Two or more video files on your computer

Optional items for sound

4. Adobe Audition

5. Music on your computer

Step 1: Putting Your Videos Into Premiere Pro

The first step is putting your videos into Adobe Premiere Pro. First you need to go to Finder and find the two or more videos you want to edit. Once you have select them, then click and drag them onto the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline. Now to prevent your sound from overlapping move the sound files to the bottom timeline.

Step 2: Plan Out How You Want to Edit Your Video

Now here we are at the editing part. First you will need to look at the videos you've selected and plan out how you want to edit it. Adobe Premiere Pro has a timer on the bottom left hand corner of the video section. Jot down the time of which sequence you want to edit, move around, speed up, or slow down. Pause and use the arrow keys to make your editing frame perfect.

Step 3: Cutting and Moving

Once you have planned out how you want your video to be editing, now you can edit.


If you want to cut a particular section use the Razor Tool (Keyboard command is Ctrl + C), and click on which frame you want to cut to begin and end. Move the timeline to the specific frame, and the cut tool will snap in place if your cursor is near it.


Once you have cut your frame you can now move it. Use the Selection Tool (Ctrl + V) to move the sequence. Helpful tip, it's easier to edit if you're doing it chronologically. It's best to have the work in its own section and have the raw material in its own section. Once you have finished editing you can delete the raw material you didn't use and put your final product back at the beginning of the timeline.

Step 4: Changing Speed

You can change the speed of your video by right clicking a sequence, then going to Speed/Duration. You can then set the sequence to go faster or slower. Remember, making the sequence longer will overlap with another sequence so edit this on its own section.

Step 5: Editing Music

If your video has audio you can set how music fades in and fades out. Go to the music sequence and right click it. Then go to "Edit in Adobe Audition". Adobe Audition will open up. Once you're there highlight the track you want to have fade in. Then go to favorites and click "Fade in". Then highlight the track you want to fade out. Go to favorites and click "Fade Out". Now you can save it, and the file in Adobe Premiere Pro will be edited.

Step 6: Exporting Your Video

Once you have finished editing the video and music, you can now export it. Before doing so, make sure you delete any raw files that you did not use and put your sequence at the beginning of the timeline.

Now go to File -> Export -> Media.

Now an export setting will show up. Go to format and select "H.264". Then you can export your video. Once it has exported it will now be on your computer.