Introduction: How to Elk Hunting

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Step 1: Sound Barrier's Buck Bumper

Noisy equipment is a problem for all hunters. Busting hunts, ruining chances with one wrong move. Until now.

Sound Barrier introduces Buck Bumper and Bump Bucker Thick. Buck Bumper is a thin sound absorbent wrap that completely encases and silences equipment, fully eliminating any chance of noise making content. It's easy to apply, weather resistant, and lasts all season.

Simply wrap around and adhere to bow hangers, tree steps, camera arms, and so many other objects to increase stealth and create a layer of soundproof protection.

Buck Bumper Thick is a sound absorbent strip applied with a strong adhesive to large equipment at contact points. It works well for stands, climbing sticks, and anywhere else contact is typically made decreasing hunt-busting noise by over 70%. Get Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick from Sound Barrier.

Designed to silence equipment, give a new confidence, a new advantage, and never be heard again.

Step 2: Gerber Vital Big Game Folder

This is the Vital Big Game Folder from Gerber. On the hunt, a single blade doesn't always cut it. That's why split sec tech lets you safely exchange blades in seconds with the push of a button.

Never again will you need to hunt down tools while in the field.

The surgically sharp full sized blade is now even larger, offering more purchase when working through large game. The blade's orange handle is impossible to miss, and the rubber over mold ensures a tight grip on things no matter how messy they get.

A quiet carry, hard case can safely store new and used blunt tip or drop point blades in two separate cavities. Both the folder and the carry case are housed in a single nylon sheet. The Gerber Vital Big Game Folder. The hunt for a tool-less exchangeable blade system is over.

Step 3: ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Pursuit X

The Pursuit X is a pack you're sure to quickly fall in love with. If you're looking for a pack that is practical, full of innovative features, durable, and aesthetically appealing, you found it in the Pursuit X.

The Pursuit X features a suspension system that is composed of molded foam for maximum comfort. To give the shoulder straps an even more premium feel, they have been constructed of lycra to ensure maximum comfort. There is a center aluminum stay which will give the Pursuit X the appropriate amount of rigidity for carrying heavier loads comfortably.

The pack utilizes 1680D nylon ballistic fabric which will give it the strength it needs to stand up to any abuse your hunting situation can throw at it. The Pursuit X is offered in two color options: full coyote brown, or coyote brown with Realtree extra accents.

Hypalon is used at various points on the pack, which is a tough and rugged fabric that reinforces the stress points on your pack that receive the most abuse. The Pursuit X features a multitude of various pockets designed specifically to work great with all of your hunting gear.

The main pocket it large enough to accommodate extra clothing and other large gear you may want with you. Inside the main pocket, you'll find another pocket that will hold a water bladder. And the Pursuit X is hydration compatible with this port at the top.

There's an organizational pocket on the front, which is great for knives, lights, binoculars, range finders, or any other small gear you want to have quick and easy access to. Another great feature about this pocket is that the webbing on the front of the pocket along with the D-ring clip allows you to use the pocket as a shelf if you want to keep small gear even more accessible.

The D-ring clip works great for hanging your Pursuit X from your stand or tree. There are two mesh pockets - one on each side, that work great for water bottles or additional gear.

The waist belt features pockets that accommodate smaller items like cellphones, extra ammo, and truck keys. Webbing is featured next to the waist belt pocket, and is perfect for accommodating a clip style holster.

All of these pockets combined give the Pursuit X an impressive 44 liter capacity. Other innovative features found on the Pursuit X include a drop down weapon pocket that can securely carry your compound bow or rifle, which allows you to keep your hands free while on the move.

Simply place either the cam of your bow or butt of your firearm into the pocket, and the latching straps will secure the rest of your weapon to the pack.

The drop down pocket can be stowed away when not in use. On each side of the pack, you'll find a unique bungee and cord lock system that will conveniently hold your quiver or other bulky items.

A collapsible rain cover is included so you're always prepared for whatever mother nature has in store for you. Compression straps can be found on the sides and bottom of the pack, so when you need to latch on bulkier items or you pack is full, you can still haul more gear.

As you can see, the Pursuit X is a durable, versatile, and feature-rich pack that will last you for years to come and can be used in multiple hunting situations.

Step 4: Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential

This is the Trophy Cam HD Essential, an easy to use, ultra compact trail camera that gives you everything you need to plan the perfect shot. With a .3 second trigger speed, this 12 megapixel camera captures high quality color photos during the day, clear black and white images at night, as well as true 720p HD video with audio.

The Essential is also equipped with field scan 2X time lapse mode, allowing users to capture images at preset intervals. Perfect for capturing an entire food plot or field.

Powered by eight AA batteries, this camera has an industry leading one year battery life. The Trophy Cam HD Essential.

Step 5: Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

At Thermacell, we believe the most spectacular shows in the world will never be seen on Broadway. No city skyline can ever be so magnificent. And that a five star dining experience has about a billion stars too few.

So when the great outdoors calls to us, we respond. And we are rewarded with a moment a day, a weekend, a lifetime of peace, and serenity, wonder, and awe.

There are challenges to be sure. But we are equipped for anything that comes our way. At Thermacell, we make mosquito repellent products that protect you and provide you with freedom from mosquitoes and black flies. Freedom to do more, freedom to stay out longer, freedom to experience all that the outdoors has to offer, and freedom to enjoy a fuller more natural life.

Step 6: Carnivore Suppressor

Delivering lightweight precision in a rugged affordable package, Carnivore is hearing say up to 300 WIN MAG ... producing it to 138.9 decibels. In the back country, every ounce matters.

At only 9.2 ounces, Carnivore is the lightest suppressor in its class. So it won't slow you down. Carnivore: the ideal hunting suppressor.

Step 7: Aimpoint Micro H2

The all new Aimpoint Micro H-2 redefines everything you thought you knew about compact red dot sights. The cutting edge lens coatings radically improve the shape and clarity of the red dot, with higher light transmissions with a natural color rendering giving a clearer and natural image.

The transparent flip up cover's a standard equipment, and helps keeping the optical lenses clean and dry at all times. Built to offer the same ruggedness as other Aimpoint products, the Micro H-2 is able to perform under extreme conditions while remaining user friendly.

The sealed tube design means that no snow, rain, dust, mud, or sand will ever disrupt the operation of your site or ever get between you and the target. Giving 50,000 hours of constant runtime from one battery, you will always be ready.

With a Micro H-2, you will never carry too much. It is the fully grown site in a small package that will never let you down.

Step 8: Barnett Hunter II 350

Introducing the Hunter 350, Barnett's fastest crossbow ever. Launching bolts at a shocking 350 feet per second, this new bow is a collection of Barnett's highest performance components and most advanced features.

The Hunter 350 provides supernatural kinetic energy for knockdown power that is just plain wicked. With lightweight components and Barnett's top of the line illuminated scope, you get exceptional feel and unmatched precision.

As with all Barnett's premium bows, the Hunter 350 is equipped with a trigger tech trigger control system. Squeezed off, smooth, and lethal shots every time with zero creep and three pound pulls. One shot and you'll be a believer.

Step 9: Pulsar 940 Digital Night Vision

My friends say that I am inseparable from my favorite scope. It's true. We've been hunting together for years. But the night hunt was always a challenge until I got the Forward DFA940 from Pulsar.

All I need to make my scope working at night is to attach a ring, and the NV part clips on and off in a matter of seconds.

Mine has a 60 millimeter lens. Pulsar DFA works with many apertures. Just pick the right adapter and select the correct insert. There are choices for most scopes available.

I have the mount that fits my scope. I tighten it up, and now it's one click away from the night hunt.

When you mount the Forward for the first time, you simply adjust the screen to match the field of view. It does not affect your aim. It's dead on from the beginning.

During recoil, the scope can shake vertically or horizontally. The image and my zero will not be affected.

Step 10: Bushnell Laser Rangefinder

Here's the system making my lucky scope work at night. A combination of the high sensitivity CCD array, fast aperture lens, invisible laser IR illuminator, and advanced electronics.

Even for a guy who was used only to daylight scopes, the Forward is easy to operate with only three controls, on and off button, the IR switch, and the selection control to operate the initial settings.

On the right of the scope, it has a weaver rail, battery compartment, and the auxiliary power socket. The focusing is on top so it works for both hands. And the video output to connect a recorder.

I usually mount the standard IR, or for the longer distance shooting use one of the optional external IR systems.

When to turn on the IR is a matter of preference. The darker it gets, the more useful it becomes. Say I flip it on perfect image in any conditions.