Introduction: How to Enhance Your Gaming Setup With RGB LED Strips

This Instructable is made to show you how to make a gaming setup or TV look cool. This can be done with a PC monitor or other screens, but we used a TV because we had enough LED strips, so why not go all the way?


To do this project, you need your selected screen of choice and some colored LED strips. Ours are 2 12 ft strips. The worked very nice for us but if you have a different type of TV, then get a different type strip. We also used tape but if your strips come with glue on the bottom, don't worry about it.

Step 1: Taping the LED Strips

So the first step to enhancing your setup is to start putting the strips on the TV. Putting it on is usually hard unless you can follow these simple tips.

1. Don't Overlap: One of the main reasons LED designs do not work is because the strips overlap. Overlapping causes the light to be blocked so that you cannot see it.

2. Corners: Another annoying thing is the corners on your TV. This can be an annoyance because the strips pop off of the TV because it is not secure enough. For this problems solution, just use a bit of tape.

3. LED's Poking Out: This last one is important because this is what you have to change in order to have your setup look cool. If the LED's are poking out,the ruin the entire effect. To fix this, simply make the strip rigid and tight.

Step 2: Final Product

Well, you did it. Congrats! After using LED strips, tape, and tricks, you have made the ultimate screen setup! Once you have put everything on just turn off your lights turn the LED's on and play a game. This is my first Instructable and I really hope that it comes in handy for you. Please view it, tell your friends and vote for it. :)

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