Introduction: How to Etch Glass

 Always wanted to personalize or stylize a glass bottle? Now heres your chance!

Step 1: Materials

Glass bottle (any glass surface)
Razor blade or Exacto Knife
Vinyl or old stickers
Armor Etch (glass etch cream)

Step 2: Prepare Surface

 Remove paper tag from bottle (unless it is a high quality plastic tag then this will replace the vinyl) by soaking it in water.

Step 3: Create Stencil

 After vinyl has been placed on bottle draw image onto bottle with a sharpie. Watch out for air bubbles. After image is drawn create stencil by carefully cutting out image with an exacto knife.

Step 4: Final Step

 Once the image has been cut and pealed off the bottle rub fingers or damp cloth over area to make sure the surface is clean. Then brush the etch cream onto the blank areas. Read bottle instructions for length of time. Then rinse it off under water. Peal away excess vinyl and you did it! Congratulations!