How to Execute a Combo With Yoshimitsu From Soul Calibur IV

Introduction: How to Execute a Combo With Yoshimitsu From Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV is a fighting video game designed by Namco, who also released the infamous Tekken franchise. The game was released in the U.S in 2008 and was immediately a huge hit. I've been playing Soul Calibur IV for almost three years now, and I can easily say that it's the best fighting game I have ever played. The character designs are very unique, the weapons are beautiful, and the fighting system is superb. I love this game and I would love to help out people who are starting to play it.
Yoshimitsu, who was also featured in Tekken, is one of my all time favorite characters. Since the first time I tried him, I immediately fell in love with his technique. Yoshimitsu is very unpredictable, and a balanced character when it comes to offensive and defensive abilities.
This is a guide meant for those who have bought and played the video game Soul Calibur IV. This guide will instruct players to execute an advanced combo with the character Yoshimitsu. Understanding this guide requires basic knowledge of fighting video games, and the ability to visualize the Playstation 3 controller. You'll need your hands, a Playstation 3 and a Playstation 3 controller, and a copy of Soul Calibur IV.

You will need:
1. Your hands.
2. A copy of Soul Calibur IV.
3. A Playstation 3.
4. A Playstation 3 controller.

Step 1: Understanding the Controller Notations

The following information is meant for those who are unaware of the controller notations used in describing Soul Calibur 4 combo inputs. If you are familiar with these please skip tot he next step.

Attack Inputs:

A = Horizontal Attack (X360 = X, PS3 = Square)
B = Vertical Attack (X360 = Y, PS3 = Triangle)
K = Kick (X360 = B, PS3 = Circle)
G = Guard (X360 = A, PS3 = X)

Direction Inputs:

7 = Back Up
8 = Up
9 = Forward Up
4 = Back
5 = Neutral
6 = Forward
1 = Down Back
2 = Down
3 = Forward Down
(This is explained in more detail in the image above.)

Step 2: 44A

With Yoshimitsu on the left side of the screen, input 44A.

Learning to land this hit correctly requires a general feel of Yoshimitsu's attack range, which is the most effecient distance you should be keeping away from your opponent. To land 44A you should be at your maximum attack range; this will cause your opponent to step forward into your attack zone.

Make sure to land a critical hit; meaning to attack the opponent while he is attacking you. This will cause the enemy to spin around stunned, leaving him susceptible to more damage.

Step 3: 6B

Before your target stops spinning, insert 6B. Yoshimitsu will step forward punching the opponent in the stomach further stunning him.
6B is one of Yoshimitsu's best moves, its quick, fast, and close range. It is most effective against players who like to button mash. 6B will put any berserker to sleep, and is a great opener for the rest of the combo if you're unable to land a 44A.

Step 4: 22B

Before your target gets out of stun, insert 22B. Yoshimitsu will perform a spinning punch that will keep your target incapacitated.
22B is not a very great opener. It is very slow and better used as a follow up after 6B. 22B is great however, because it allows Yoshimitsu to step forward and closer to his opponent making way for more close range attacks.

Step 5: 3AB

The next step is to launch your opponent into the air, this is performed by a two punch combo inserted as 3AB. Easily one of Yoshimitsu's greatest moves. 3AB is just as effective as 6B when it comes to button mashers, and it comes with a bonus! it launches your enemy into the air, leaving them exposed to whatever damage you want to do to them.

Step 6: A/B+K

While your opponent is airborne, insert A then follow it quickly with B+K . Yoshimitsu will quickly slam your opponent back into the ground. I can't tell you how many fights I won with 3AB A/B+K. It's a beautiful combo! especially when your opponent is at the edge of the arena. 3AB for a launch, and A/B+K for a quick and painless ring out.

Step 7: 1B

While your opponent is on the ground, perform the final combo input by inserting 1B. Yoshimitsu will swiftly slash the grounded opponent for some extra damage. 1B is great follow up if your opponent isn't rung out by your A/B+K. Also remember that if you hold the B button in 1B Yoshimitsu will charge his Katana for an unblockable attack and major damage. So time it as you please.

Step 8:

Epic Win.

Congratulations, you are now a pro.
But remember, always mix up your game. Nothing is worse than someone who spams the same move (or combo) repeatedly. You're opponent will adapt to you and defeat you if you are too repetitive. So be creative, look at the command list, and figure out your own unique combos. Always keep your opponent guessing, and you will have the upper hand.

Here is a Youtube video to help with your creative process.

Good Hunting.

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