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Introduction: How to Extract Walnut

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Today, I am going to show you how to extract walnuts from their green shells with easiness. My father and I went to Tokat (A city from Republic of Turkey) where we belong, and gathered walnuts from five walnut trees which my grandfather grew.

Gathering walnuts from tree, we used long tree bough pieces. We hit to the walnuts one-by-one to drop walnuts to the ground.

After we finished to drop walnuts, we collect them from ground to put them into sacks (bags).

Then we put these sacks to our automobile then to our house. Although there were a lot of caterpillars in these bags have appeared, we let them to the nature.

So, let's get started how father and son extracted walnuts in home?

Step 1: Gather Walnuts From Ground

After we hit the walnuts from walnut tree, walnuts dropt to the ground, and we filled our sacks with walnuts.

Step 2: There Are Two Methods to Remove the Green Skin of Walnuts

There are two methods to remove the green skin of walnuts:

1. Use knife to cut directly.

2. Use crevises to divide the green shell with your hands with gloves. (Protect your hands not to get coloured)

While my father is cutting walnuts, I prefered to use second option to peel walnuts.

Step 3: Peel Walnut

Use your hands to extract all walnuts one by one to peel.

Step 4: Protect Your Hands With Gloves Or...

Although I used gloves to protect my hands, still I get colour changes on my skins... I can't understand how my gloves unable to protect my hands from walnut's shell.. Next time, I will use two gloves each to my hands.

Step 5: Video Explanation

Check for subtitles for your native language. Video is Turkish.


That's all !

Step 6: BONUS: Year 2017 New Walnuts :)

This year, we collected a little bit early, but I think just in time because next week it rained, and made tree and walnuts wet. We protected walnuts from wet to prevent walnuts become moldy. I used three gloves on my hand, but still got the reddish color on my hands :)

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    6 years ago

    Try wearing rubber gloves under your other gloves. Or gloves that are rubberized for mechanic work.


    6 years ago

    Oh yes, that green hand syndrome. I use to collect walnuts when I was a little boy from so many walnut trees in an empty field behind our house. You could collect as many as you wanted, nobody ever harvested them at all. And to remove the outer shell we simply used our hands. But the green would take a long time to go away. Many many washing's, but I honestly thing it wore off. And I do remember the smell of that shell as well. But the walnuts were amazing to eat. Thumbs Up!

    Bay Yolal
    Bay Yolal

    Reply 6 years ago

    Oh! That sounds wonderful! Walnuts are amazing, aren't they :) Thank you very much for your good comment :)