Introduction: How to Eye Splice Paracord

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An eye splice creates a permanent loop in a single strand without any knots. This method is more appropriately called Long Bury Splicing. You can read more about it here. Since paracord is braided, the tighter you pull on the loop the tighter the cord grips the splice.You only need a few common tools to do it.

Step 1: Prepare Your "needle"

Cut a section of wire (I’m using 16 gage) and bend a small loop on one side. Tightly crimp the loop shut. Snip off the majority of the crimped tail and file down any sharp edges. See the pictures.

Next use a steep angle while cutting the other end. You should end up with a needle looking piece of wire. Again file off any sharp edges.

Step 2: Melt on the Paracord

Gut the paracord and use a razor blade to make a clean cut at one end. Slip the crimped end of the wire into the braided core. Use a torch or lighter to melt the paracord so it beads into a ring.

Now that the paracord is melted you can pull the wire crimp back to the end without it slipping out.

Step 3: Feed It Through

How large a loop you want and how long you want the tail inside the hollow braid will determine where you pierce the paracord. Pierce the cord going away from the loop. Thread the needle through the appropriate length and pierce it back out of the hollow braid.

This next step is the tricky part. Thread the melted paracord ring into the hollow braid. To make it easier you’ll want to expand hole. I used my round nose pliers but you could get away with using a nail or something the like. It may also help to put a couple drops of water in the area. That way when you remove your hole expander the braids stay apart.

Scrunch up the paracord allowing the cord on the inside to move through. Once you pull it out of the braid cut it at an angle so the tail has a taper. Adjust the loop pulling the excess back into the hollow braid.

Step 4: Securing the Splice

There are a few different ways to secure the splice. One way is to apply few drops of super glue. Another is to whip the base of the loop with one of the gut strands. You could also melt a drop of paracord onto entry point to of the splice.

Thanks for reading.