Introduction: How to Field Strip a Jennings J-22 .22lr Pistol

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The Jennings J-22   .22lr pistol  is very simple to field strip. This gun is definitely not top of the line but it was my first so i have gotten attached. It has preformed well but is somewhat picky with ammo CCI Minimag is best. This instructable will show you how to field strip the J-22 for cleaning and inspection.

Step 1: SAFETY FIRST Make Sure the Gun Is Not Loaded.

You start by finding a location free of disturbances such as running children, flying animals or other things that may take your attention away from the task at hand. If not it could actually kill you so.... BE CAREFUL. Once you have chosen a safe location make sure the gun is not loaded if it is unload it. If the gun is not loaded check to be sure the gun is not loaded.This is done by removing the magazine and pulling back the slide to visually inspect the chamber to ensure no rounds are present  ok one more time the gun should have no bullets. got it? good.

Step 2: Taking Down the Slide

Taking down the slide is easy once you get the hang of it. First you will need to move the slide back 1/4 in. Now take the magazine and use the front lip to press in the take down pin. With the slide back and the pin depressed the rear of the slide should lift off of the frame. BE CAREFUL when letting go of the take down pin, it is spring loaded and if you're not careful it can fly across the room and land behind a shelf or some other place that you have to go search for it . Finally the slide can be pull forward off of the frame.

Step 3: Removing the Firing Pin

Simply pull the Take-down pin and spring out of the rear of the slide, sometimes the pin will come to if not just tilt back the slide and it will fall out. Be sure to put the firing  back in the right way, proper way is shown in picture below.  That about does it  other than  the fire control group behind the grip plates but i don't go digging in to the guts unless there is a reason but if i do I'll update this i'ble. Re assembly is in reverse order same steps apply only backwards. Thanks for reading and be safe.