Introduction: How to Film Dirt Bikes

Filming dirt bikes can be fun and easy.

Step 1: Music

first thing to do is figure out what music you will be using. It is better to use more upbeat music or emotional music

Step 2: Camera Settings

Depending on the rider, dirt bikes can go really fast. This can cause motion blur which isn't good.

When filming, make sure to set your frame rate to at least 30fps. If you have a camera that shoots 60fps, use it.

Here is a video that is 60fps

Step 3: Filming

Filming is the most important part.

Try to get a lot of different angles and lots of footage.

keep in mind the music that you are using

Step 4: Editing

when editing, remember that you do not need to use all the footage.

First import you music and then place your footage so it flows good with the music. If there is a beat drop, then place an "epic" piece of footage at the drop.

Watch the beginning of this video to see what I mean

Step 5: Finish

Once you are done with your video then remember to export it in 60fps.

Then send out your video to everyone you know!

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