Introduction: How to Find Exoplanets From Home - Part II

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In this video I show you another way you can find potentially habitable exoplanets from home, for free, and without the need of a telescope.

Step 1: Look for Exoplanets and Find the Orbital Period of the First One

To look for any exoplanet you have to click on 'periodograms'. The highest peak in the plot suggests the presence of an exoplanet and the first value corresponds to the period of the first one. Then click on 'radial velocity plots' and on 'planet 1', type the value and press enter.

Step 2: Calculate the Minimum Mass of the First Exoplanet

To calculate the minimum mass you have to click on optimize in order to adjust the mass value to fit the waves with the amplitude of the data of the first exoplanet.

Step 3: Look for Other Exoplanets and Calculate Their Orbital Period and Minimum Mass

You can also see that there is data in the residuals plot that may be caused by another exoplanet. You have to look for the second exoplanet, so repeat the process described above.