Introduction: How to Find Really Specific Results on Google.

Has Google ever provided the wrong results, or just really annoyed you by giving you the wrong website? Well, this guide is here to help. In this guide, I will be teaching you how to achieve very specific results using Google's advanced settings.

Step 1: 2 Options

So, the way to actually change search settings or apply filters are available to us now. Advanced search provides filters, whilst search settings changes how many results you get, where you are searching from, and safe mode.

The amount of filters from advanced search are insane, and insanely useful!

Step 2: How Advanced Search Works.

Advanced search has a decent amount of filters you can apply to your search, which can range from it's latest update to it's copyright usage. You can also filter depending on what words are/aren't in it, as well as where exactly the word appears on the page, from the title, text or URL. I would assume that to achieve maximum efficiency, you would need to use every filter. You probably won't need to use region, but you can use it if you need to. You can also filter by the file type, but that may or may not be very useful.

Step 3: The Rather Insignificant Use of the Search Settings.

So search settings are overall rather useless, with the exceptions of the safe search toggle and the results per page slider. Safe search filters all the nasty stuff out, while the result slider decides just how many results you get per page. You can be an absolute madman and go for 100, can make your computer chug, or you can be a pansy and go for the minuscule 10. It's up to you, and a combination of advanced search and search settings might just lead you to the result you need.