Introduction: How to Find a Waypoint on a Garmin Colorado 300 GPS

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This instructable tells how to start up a Garmin Colorado 300 GPS unit, set the brightness, select a waypoint to navigate to, and follow the unit to find it.

Step 1: Power Up

Press and hold the black power button (top of unit, right hand side, with power symbol) for 2-3 seconds until the GARMIN name appears. Once it finds a satellite, it will automatically take you to the map screen.

Step 2: Adjust Brightness

To make it easier to read, turn up the brightness:

1. Press (but don't hold) the power button.
2. Roll the wheel clockwise to the desired brightness (I turn it all the way up).
3. Press the center button (I might call this the "select" button throughout the instructions).

Step 3: Search for and Select a Waypoint (location File)

To find your way, choose a Waypoint (location file), and the unit will help you get there.

1. Press the right button (silver "shortcut" button).
2. Scroll to the "Where To?" magnifying glass icon and select it by pressing the "select" button.
3. Scroll on down to "Waypoints" (looks like a golf green to me), and select it.
4. Press the left button (silver, "options" button) if you don't see your desired Waypoint (if you do see your desired waypoint, just scroll down to it and select it).
5. Select "spell" to spell the waypoint name.
6. Scroll around and press select to "type" in the letters and numbers for your Waypoint.
7. Press the right button ("done") to finish typing.
8. Scroll to the desired waypoint and select.

Step 4: Navigate to Waypoint Using Map and Compass Views

Now that you've chosen the waypoint you want to go to, you can use the built-in map and compass to help you get there.

1. Verify that this is the location you want, then select "Go"
2. Here's the Map screen. It shows where you are and your direction by the blue arrow. Follow the purple line to your destination.