How to Find the Best Ethernet Patch Cords

Introduction: How to Find the Best Ethernet Patch Cords

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Step 1: The Different Types of Patch Cords

Using different colored patch cords in your server room is a great idea
It’s an easy way to differentiate which cables are patching in what. For example: use all blue patch cords for work stations being patched in from a specific area or department in your building and then use black for another location or department and so on. Having booted patch cords can lengthen the life of the patch cord because of the extra amount of protection that the boot provides. The injection molding in the boot can help alleviate the stress of weight of the cable that would normally be directly on the mod plug, with a boot the weight is absorbed by the stress relieving sleeve and by the injection molding. The boot features a bubble on top which protects the clip that holds the mod plug in place. Without this bubble protection the clip could be snapped or the mod plug could easily fall out of its port, causing that connection to fail.

Non-Booted Patch Cords are Economical
Cat5E Non-Booted Patch Cords are the perfect inexpensive alternative to booted patch cords for very temporary applications or in situations when a cable will not be in a heavily trafficked area. The boot on a patch cord is simply a rubber coating that protects the delicate parts of the ends of the patch cord, also known as the mod plug. A patch cable that is being plugged in and unplugged regularly should be booted to protect against wear of the cable and of the mod plug, it also prevents the cable from being removed or pulled out of the mod plug itself. If an RJ45 plug is being relocated constantly or in an area where it will be bumped into or pulled on, having a boot is recommended; however, if a patch cord is being plugged into a location and will never or very rarely be removed or moved then having a nonbooted patch cord is an efficient and cost effective alternative.

Ferrari Path Cords are the latest and greatest
New and exciting take on Snag-less Patch Cords. If you haven't tried Ferrari Cords, you need to give them a shot. Cat.6 and Cat.5 Ferrari Patch Cords have become popular because of their ease of use. Have you ever struggled in trying to remove a Patch Cord from a Switch, Router, Hub, Patch Panel, or network computer? We have found Ferrari Patch Cords to be much easier to install in comparison to Bubble Style Ethernet Cables. For some installers it is a preference as both types of cable have their strengths and weaknesses, but Ferrari Patch Cords have been shown to save time and frustration to cabling jobs. The cost and frustration that occurs when you are trying to be on time and on budget with an Ethernet Cable Installation can be solved using Ferrari Ethernet Patch Cords.

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