Introduction: How to Finger Crochet a Purse

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We'll be using our fingers to make this lovely little purse.

I'm using 3 strands of pencil roving at a time for this project.

Step 1: Watch the Video

For the full version of this video please see here:

Step 2: Make the Foundation Chain

Tie a slip knot and chain 7.

If you need help finger chaining see this video:

Step 3: Create the Purses Foundation

Single crochet (sc) into each stitch until you get to the end of the chain

THEN put 3 single crochets in the last stitch to make the end nice and rounded.

If you need help using your fingers to single crochet see this video:

Now single crochet back down the other side of the chain after you've rounded the corner, and put 3 extra stitches again in the last link of the chain to make the corner rounded.

Step 4: Build Up the Purse

Slip stitch to join the round, and now begin to single crocheting in each stitch as you go around the purse.

If you need help with a slip stitch see this video:

If you want to do it PROPERLY then technically you should slip stitch to join each round, and thing sc the next round, however because it's a purse the step difference is virtually unseen and this way you don't have to count or use a stitch marker!

Step 5: Crochet the High Edges

We'll put higher edges on the purse by using a double crochet (in the U.K. this is called a treble crochet).

1. Single crochet until you get to the 3 stitches that go around the edges of your purse.

2. Now Double Crochet (dc) those three stitches and single crochet the remaining stitches until you come to the three stitches on the opposite side of the purse and do the same (3 dc around the corner)

3. Single crochet until you get to the point you started this round and slip stitch to join the round.

4. Cut the thread, pull the tail through the loop and cinch up snuggly. Weave in the tail.

Step 6: Crochet the Handle

1. Put 3 loops on on the corner of the purse from the inside pointing to the outside.

2. Watch the video for this part, it's difficult to explain!

Step 7: Finished!

Your purse should look something like this!

You can show off the pictures of your own purse in the comments on my facebook post here: