Introduction: How to Fit a Swiper Mechanism to Ember

In this Instructable I'll walk you through how to fit a swiper mechanism to the Ember 3D printer.

The swiper will wipe the PDMS window in the resin tray after each layer keeping it clean and preventing the build up of cured resin or other gunk.

What you'll need to do this is:

  • Ember 3D printer
  • Swiper Kit (coming soon)
  • Hex Key for a M6 bolt
  • Wrench for 1/4" nut

Step 1: Assemble the Swiper Mechanism

Follow the assembly instructions in the control drawing. Make sure that you assembly the 7" inch articulating arm onto the arm mounting bracket in the correct orientation.

You should firmly tighten all the nuts using the wrench.

Step 2: Fit the Swiper to Ember

On the back of the Ember linear drive at the base there are two M6 attachment points. You need to bolt the swiper mechanism to these attachment points using the M6 bolts provided.

Step 3: Position the Swiper in the Resin Tray

With the resin tray in the build head calibration position, loosen the swiper articulated arm using the knob and then position the swiper blade so that it gently touches the bottom of the resin tray and is parallel with the square edge of the resin tray.

Make sure that the swiper arm will not clash with the build head when it descends and then lock the arm in palce by tightening the knob.

Step 4: You're Now Ready to Print!

Some tips on using the swiper:

  • Remember to lift up the swiper arm when you want to remove the resin tray
  • I recommend removing the rubber swiper blade before you remove the resin tray to avoid any resin dripping on the printer
  • Always be careful to calibrate the swiper so that it doesn't clash with the build head. Calibrating the swiper after you calibrate the build head is a good way to do this.