Introduction: How to Fix Broken Headphone Jack !

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Note : I know many of you will say that's PLUG and not the JACK. Not technical people generally refer it as a jack ! and my videos and Instructables are for everyone so just chill out and enjoy :)
Many of us love music, especially on earphones! but the problem is rough usage and broken headphone jack. Have you ever came across such problem? Then I can show you how to fix it ! so let's get started

Step 1: Watch the Video !

Click Here to watch it

If you are lazy and don't want to read all stuff you can watch my video! And it is much easier.

Step 2: Lets Start

So the very first thing grab the broken pair of earphones and cut the wire just above the broken area. Then use something like a box cutter or xacto knife and remove the rubber on top of jack. After the if you have plastic on the jack remove it using pliers.

Step 3: Check Jack

Ones you have the Jack we need to check if it is still functional we will use multimeter`s continuity function for that. Mine is still fine! If yours is not you need to order new one



Step 4: Clean Jack and Prepare Wires

Now clean the jack and remove the wires from jack using soldering iron. Now take other end of the cable and remove the outer rubber. You will see 4 Wires

Copper is for GND

Green is for Right

Blue is for Microphone

Red is for Left.

Step 5: Soldering

For Soldering the wires here is the schematic solder it and you are done

Step 6: Check Jack Again!

Now plug the jack and check if it is working mine is working so we can proceed ahead. if yours didn't work check if soldering is done properly if not then you have to open the earbud and check if the manufacturer has changed the wiring!

Step 7: Final

So finally we have fixed it but we can't use it like that it will break in few hours so we can use heat shrinking tube to cover it!

Step 8: Thank You !

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