Introduction: How to Fix DJI Spark ESC Status Error! | Replacement

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One of my friends came to me with his DJI a spark drone and said it was not working as it was supposed to be so after powering it on one of the motors started to heat up an LED won't blink and after connecting the drone to DJI app it says cannot take off and when I tried to take off it says ESC status error which means ESC is broken so in this video tutorial I will show you how you can fix this ESC status error only for 14 US dollars so let's fix it this!

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

You can watch the Video Tutorial if you don't want to read all the stuff

Step 2: Disconnect the Battery!

The first step before performing any kind of repair is powering off the drone and for that click and hold the power button of DJI spark and then we need to disconnect the battery which is very straight forward.

Step 3: Get to the ESC!

Since we only have a problem with our ESC we don't need to open the entire drone to reveal the ESC inside take a flat head screwdriver and open this lid be careful and don't use much pressure.

ESC is held in its place with two screws which are normal Phillips head while removing the screws make sure not to use an oversized screwdriver else it will damage the screw head after removing the bracket which held the ESC I reconnected the battery and power the drone an entire ESC started to heat up now instead of wasting time trying to find which component of ESC was broken I went on ebay and found this replacement ESC which was only 14 US dollars

Step 4: Desoldering and Replacing the ESC!

First I used my soldering iron to heat up the solder and then used a soldering wick to remove all the excess

solder and disconnected the wires from the ESC

Once old ESC was removed I soldered the new one for that I highly recommend using a helping hand and a tweezer as it is not possible for one person to do this job

Step 5: Testing!

Once ESC was replaced before putting everything back together I tested the drone by powering it on and all the LEDs this time turned on as it was supposed to be just to make sure I tried to fly this drone inside and it worked flawlessly but I don't recommend flying a drone inside the house as it can be dangerous and you can easily crash it after the test I powered of the drone remove the battery put everything back together and this drone was fixed so why not let's take it outside and test it

Step 6: Done!

So that's How you can fix and DJI Spark ESC status error!

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