How to Fix Dead Laptop Battery!




Introduction: How to Fix Dead Laptop Battery!

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Hi Guys. This is my 4th instructable. Hope you'll like it.

I am gonna show you how to fix laptop batteries that are dead. First of all lets discuss why batteries get dead so we can prevent them from being dead. This is not a hoax but a real method 100% working.

1. Li ion batteries can not be left without charge for a long time this will make them dead. Use and charge them atleast once a day.

2. Overcharge. Though Laptops have overcharge protection IC but still our batteries can be dead by overcharge.

3. Over Voltage. This can lead them to explode also. Only overcharge them when every other solution gets failed to bring them back to life.

Now lets discuss how to fix dead laptop batteries.

1. By Over Voltaging (Charging directly by 19v charger or laptop charger)

2. By disassembling them and repairing them from inside.

Though laptop battery cells are hard to solder you can do spot welding or you can see my instructable: How to Solder Lithium ion Cells

Step 1: Fixing Laptop Battery by Over Voltage.

You can fix laptop batteries by over voltage.

Materials needed

Laptop Charger or PSU (Set PSU to 18 or 19v)

Thin Wire (You can get these wires from ethernet cable) See Image.

Crocodile Clip. See image


1. Check Pinouts of Battery.

2. Usually pinouts for positive negative are mentioned on battery, if not search on google pinouts for your battery model.

3. Take thin two thin wires about 7 inches.

4. Let Wire 'A' positive and Wire 'B' negative.

5. Remove 1cm cover from wire A from both sides.

6. Remove 1cm cover from one side from wire B, and remove 2cm from other side, fix the second side in crocodile pin.

7. Insert wire A in positive slot of battery. Insert 1 cm of Wire B in negative slot.

8. Insert other end of Wire A in hole inside charger pin (postive slot of charger), and attach outer conductor (negative slot of charger) with crocodile clip.

9. Leave battery for 2 hours.

10. Check laptop battery by inserting it in laptop.

11. If Battery is not working, proceed to next solution. (Disassembly)

Step 2: Fixing Battery by Disassembly and Repair.

1. open laptop battery case. Watch Video for full disassembly.

2. After opening case, see how cells are attached to the circuit. Make a diagram you will need it in future.

3. Remove Wiring.

4. Rewire batteries and circuit with copper flex wire, but do not attach cells and circuit.

5. Charge each cell individually with universal desktop charger. See Image. Better to use a universal desktop charger with battery meter so you can know if cells are fully charged. Usually charge time is 8 hrs.

6. Check cells after 8 hrs with multimeter. If voltage reading is below 3v charge them futher. If still 0v, then cells are damaged you have to replace that cell. If 3v or more than 3v then cells are good and battery is fixed.

7. Follow the wiring diagram.

8. Wire you batteries according to it.

9. Repack battery.

10. Check Battery If it gives the voltage mentioned on its label.

P.S: I am not responsible for any damage. I have fixed many batteries by this method.

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    abdulmajeed hamza
    abdulmajeed hamza

    Question 2 years ago

    Can i change battery circuit another one


    3 years ago

    can this be used on chromebooks too or just the main ones


    5 years ago

    Your pic shows 6 of 18650 batteries which are 3.7 Volt nominal so in series that is 22.2V Your diagram shows 7 Which is 26.4Volts if in series . If you can buy new ones and solder them in . They are only $2.50 a battery new