Introduction: How to Fix Fence

Hello, my name is Ty Kenyon. I have been fixing fence for the last 10 years. I am going to show you how to fix barbed wire fence the proper way. Today, I am going to show you how to fix fence in 3 easy steps. Fixing fence will keep your animals in and will keep them from causing you more damage and losing more money from wrecking other peoples land.


First, go gather all your tools. The most common tools a rancher will need will be a stretcher, barbed wire, clips staples, and a fencing plyer. I would also recommend leather gloves so you don’t cut your hands up. After everything is found get a four-wheeler to drive along the fence. People do use other equipment to ride around the pasture but I have found it most efficient to use a four-wheeler.

Step 1: Splicing Barbed Wire

Next, start driving along the fence you will find a broken wire dangling there. Then, stop the four-wheeler and get of to fix it. If there is a wire broke you need to get the stretcher, extra barbed wire, and your plyers. Next, to fix the barbed wire make a loop on both ends of the existing wire that is broke. Grab your stretcher and hook it behind one of your loops you made. Then get the extra wire and put it through the other loop and tie it off the hook your stretcher on there. Stretch the wire and then cut the extra barbed wire where it needs to be. Finally take that and run it through the other loop that you put your stretcher behind. Tie it off and let the stretcher loose and then you are done.

Step 2: Putting Clips and Staples On

Once that spot is fixed ride around the rest of the pasture and if there is something broke fix it just like we just did. Steel posts take clips and wood posts take staples. If there is a clip missing on a steel post grab a clip and then put your plyers on the back and twist it around so it’s on the wire tight enough so it won't fall off. Next, if there is a staple missing grab your plyers and a staple to pound into the post. Make sure the wire is inside the staple. Once you have rode around the whole pasture and have fixed everything that needed to be fixed it should be good to turn your livestock out on it.

Step 3: Conclusion

Barbed wire has a been around for thousands of years. Barbed wire is all around on all ranches. It is one of the best ways to keep cows in and also one of the cheapest. It is also one of the most reliable.