Introduction: How to Fix Key FOB Keyless Entry for Ford

Learn how to FIX a Ford Key FOB keyless entry remote enclosure with a cotter pin.

This Instructable will show a classic MACGYVER FIX with a simple cotter pin and electrical tape. Yes, MACGYVER would be proud of the resourcefulness of this easy fix.

Get your Ford key fob and key reunited with a few simple tools and cotter pin. This fix will work with many Ford models dating 1998-2016

This fix will save you $11.00 + Shipping and Handling compared to purchasing a new set of fobs.

Step 1: The Problem

Here is the problem.

The Key FOB needs to be connected to the Key. As you can see the connection on the Key FOB is broken, therefore the key ring will not connect.

I am going to show you how to not only FIX IT, but make it more durable that the original design.

Step 2: Tools and Supplies

Minimal tools and supplies are needed to fix this problem.


  • Small flat head screw driver or prying tool.
  • Vise
  • Rotary Tool
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Cutting Wheel
  • 2 pair of needle nose pliers
  • scissors


  • (1) 1 inch cotter pin.
  • electrical tape.

Step 3: Pry Apart FOB

With the small flat head screwdriver, pry apart the FOB.

Step 4: Shape Cotter Pin

Let's shape the cotter pin.

  1. With one pair of pliers hold the cotter pin firmly.
  2. With the other pair of pliers bend the ends at 90 degrees to make a T shape.

Step 5: Check Size

Check the size of the cotter pin compared to the key fob. As you can see as oriented, the pin will not fit inside the fob. We need to trim this down to to fit inside the fob.

Step 6: Grind Cotter Pin

Attach grinding wheel to your rotary tool. Then grind cotter pint ends until ends will fit inside FOB enclosure.

Step 7: Remove Broken Key Ring Loop

  1. Remove the fob circuit board and battery from the enclosure.
  2. With the grinding wheel, remove the broken part of the key fob enclosure. We will no longer need this end of the enclosure. Leaving it will just make it look ugly! Be sure to remove the broken part from both halves of the enclosure.

Step 8: Cut First Slot

We are going to cut a slot to insert the cotter pin.

The cotter pin will be the new key ring loop OPPOSITE where the original ring loop was.

  1. Replace grinding wheel with cutting wheel.
  2. Align pin where you will cut slot OPPOSITE of original ring loop.
  3. Use cutting wheel to cut a 1/8 inch deep slot.

Step 9: Test Fit

Insert pin and trim more of enclosure as needed.


Step 10: Cut Second Slot

Next we need to cut a slot on the other half of the enclosure.

  1. Gently place the two halves together.
  2. Mark uncut slot where second slot will be cut.
  3. Repeat slot cutting process for second half.
  4. Check slot alignment and trim as needed

Step 11: Cut Slot in Rubber

With scissors, cut a small slit where the cotter pin will set inside the rubber control face aligned with the slots cut in the enclosure.

Step 12: Protect Circuit Board

Before reassembling the fob, be sure to cover the traces of the circuit board with electrical tape. Since the cotter pin is metal, we do not want to risk shorting the circuit on the board with the metal cotter pin that will be touching the board and traces. The tape should protect from short circuit.

Step 13: Reassemble FOB

Let's put it all back together!

  1. Place circuit board into control half of enclosure
  2. Place battery and cotter pin into battery half of enclosure.
  3. Sandwich two halves together.

Step 14: Connect Key to FOB

Connect key with ring to fob.

Step 15: Test It!

It works prefectly!

This is a classic MACGYVER FIX!

One cotter pin and a few basic tools just saved me about $10 bucks buying a new enclosure. And, the new connection is stronger than the original.

Hope this fix find you well and helps you fix your problem.

Another Instructable by the DIYWATERDOG!

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