Introduction: How to Fix Key Fob & Remote Control Buttons

If you have a key fob or remote control with buttons that have ceased to function, or that require you to press hard to get them to work, you can use these steps to get it functioning again in very little time.

You will need either this cheap and convenient repair kit sold on Amazon: DIY Key Fob / Remote Control Repair Kit

You can also view a YouTube video of a key fob repair using this method: Key Fob Repair Video

Or if you are very good with your hands, you will need double sided tape and aluminum foil.

Step 1: Open Up the Remote

Following the procedure for your remote's make and model, open up the remote to expose the keypad's black contact points that touch the circuit board when depressed.

Step 2: Stick Aluminum Foil Dots to Contact Points

If you are using the repair kit, simply peel off one of the included adhesive aluminum foil dots and stick it on the malfunctioning button's black contact point. Press it tightly against the contact point for 10-15 seconds to help adhesion.

If you are using your own aluminum foil and double sided tape, then first place a strip of double sided tape on the some aluminum foil. Using scissors, carefully cut out a piece of aluminum foil with double sided tape attached that roughly matches the size and shape of the contact point. Stick this cut out piece to the button's contact point.

Step 3: Reassemble

Put the remote back together and enjoy!