How to Fix Mouse Double Click

Introduction: How to Fix Mouse Double Click

Double click caused by spring in mouse switch. This spring can become tired so it isn't providing pressure necessary to maintain connection between two contacts (top, bottom). With combination of dirt, abrasion and oxidation on the contact areas, it is a perfect recipe for unstable connection and unwanted double clicks

Three ways for fix :

- clean contacts and refresh spring

- replace new spring

- replace new switch

Step 1: Mouse Disassemble

Screw visible at bottom of mouse or sometimes in battery holder or under stickers

Step 2: Open Mouse Switch

Open mouse switch by knife

Step 3: Clean Contacts and Refresh Spring

Depend on abrasion level, you can clean contacts by high grit sandpaper or eraser rubber, wipe, toothbrush, ...

then make spring curve like new spring

Step 4: Replace New Spring

When old spring can't recover, need replace new spring from new mouse switch or limit/endstop switch

Step 5: Replace New Switch

Best way for fix double click is replace new mouse switch, but require your desoldering/soldering tools

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