Introduction: How to Fix Laptop Overheat in <1 Minute (NO TOOLS!)

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Today I'm going to show you how to save your computer (ie: laptop, Surface, tablet, etc) from overheating while gaming, or just in general.

The best part don't need ANY tools or special skills to accomplish it. And it's done in under a minute!

Let's jump right into it...

Step 1: Find the Power Options

1. Locate your battery icon on the main screen.

2. Right click. Then click on "Power Options."

Step 2: Balance It Out

3. Chances are likely, that you have your power plan on "High Performance." If so, deselect this and select the "Balanced" plan. If you have it on "Power Saver," also deselect this and switch it to "Balanced." (If it's already on "Balanced" and still overheating, the next point will tell you how to fix it...)

Step 3: Change It Up

4. Next to the "Balanced" section, you will see a blue link called "Change plan settings." Click on this link.

5. Now click on the blue "Change advanced power settings" link at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: Lower Your Temp...

6. Scroll down to "Processor Power Management" and click on the little plus (+) box.

7. Click on the "Maximum Processor State" plus (+) box.

8. Chances are high that both the "On battery" and the "Plugged In" amounts are at 100%. Change your "On battery" amount to 75% or lower.

NOTE: If your computer is overheating with the battery plugged in, you can also change the "Plugged in" amount to 75% or lower as well. (I currently have mine at 1% for both amounts...and changed my minimum power settings to accommodate 1% as well.)

9. Now just click "Apply" and "OK" and exit out of all tabs. Your computer will now cool down significantly (about 20+ degrees). If necessary, you can adjust the percentages (lower or higher) to accommodate your needs or preferences.

NOTE: The computers these days are so powerful that lowering the percentage shouldn't effect your gaming or surfing the internet at all. I also do not experience ANY delay in speed on my computer when working with a lower percent.

TIP: If you want to check or monitor the internal temperature of your computer, you can always download FREE programs such as: HW Monitor, Speedfan, Tech Power Up (dot) com, Speccy, etc...with HW Monitor being the most highly used and trusted. Here's a link for them:

(I am in NO WAY affiliated with HW Monitor, Speedfan, Tech Power Up (dot) com, Speccy, or other temperature monitoring programs.)

That is all. ;)

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